Our world, relative to this course, is definitely shifting.  Expanding.  Changing its focus.  

I am blown away by the amount of planning and thought that went into the design of this class.  I remember trying to decode messages from “intercepted” videos before our first official class meeting…always wondering what they meant or how they would fit into the context of our work. The videos and little hints about our eventual mission were a constant but kept at a comfortable background to the other work we were doing.  I realize now that this whole class was a netprov of sorts, existing not only online but in the real world.  Now everyone is “playing the game” and it all makes sense.

Shifting focus….

Last week, Alan asked if anyone has been experiencing an identity crisis yet.  My answer is “yes.”  I find myself gravitating toward my alter-ego, Laurus Vagus Ambigo more and more each day.  I am definitely experiencing some type of split-personality sensations.  On occasion, I would post a tweet from @wanderer_920 that was meant to come from @Laurus_Vagus or vice-versa.  Oh, the horror!  These were immediately deleted.  When I tweet as me, I take on a more serious reserved approach.  Laurus_Vagus, on the other hand, is a bit more creative and bold in her choices of posts.  It’s an interesting idea to reflect upon.


If you asked my sixth-grade students about alchemy, I’m sure they’d have a mouthful to share.  They are, in a way, taking this course without even knowing it.  There are very few activities from this class that I have not been able to recreate for my students.  We have made avatars, used soundcloud, hypothesis, created DDA’s, decoded using rot13, explored the mirror world a little, created recipes-stories inspired by “Cooking with Anger,” created blackout poetry, watched some the studio visits and bus tour videos and have messed around with a lot of the “end of announcements” page bonus apps (they’re obsessed with the littlealchemy site in which they create objects from the elements).  They inspire me with their enthusiasm and willingness to try and explore and share. There are more alchemists than we think….

Changing focus….

In class this week, we were asked to create a digital story for “Cooking with Anger.”  We were asked to expand our thinking and push the limits with regard to the tools and presentation of our story.  My mind went wild.  As a group, we “remixers” brainstormed a number of alternate-style storytelling platforms.  In the end, we choose something that was new to me and interesting from a storytelling perspective.  (You’ll have to wait and read it for yourself.)  This experience had my wheels turning ever since.  This is a “digital storytelling” class, after all.  Questions like “what constitutes storytelling?” and “how can I create a completely new experience for the reader?” are still swirling around in my head.  I am inclined to take some of my ideas for alternate interactive storytelling techniques and try them out this week (Spring Break just might give me the time I need).   It’s all very exciting!!!

Last thoughts….

All semester we have been gently urged to take control of our learning choices and activities and to pay less attention to the “list” of things to do.  I think we are finally there (at least I am, for one).  Finally, I can feel an internal push and pull guiding me toward the things I intend to explore and ponder.  There has never been a shortage of prompts and inspiration each week, but this week, more than any other, I feel no need for external prompting.  There are things that I am compelled to work on and feel empowered to do so.  Stay tuned……