Feeling like a “Sound Alchemist Wizard”

First, I appreciated the slight redirection received from Dr. Zamora and Alan regarding feeling empowered to choose what aspects of the “checklist” we focus on.  I found myself lost for hours on things that were not necessarily part of “the list.”  It was freeing and productive.

Friday just happened to be St. Patty’s Day and my family just happened to have a trip of bagpipers converged in my cousin’s living room.  Audio gold!!  Again, after a quick conversion, I used soundcloud to post to twitter.


(did you know soundcloud has a special embedded code to use when posting to wordpress?  cool!)

Coincidentally (and as some of you may have noticed from my rather revealing tweets), my basement bar turned into an impromptu Karaoke lounge this weekend so, naturally, I grabbed my phone and captured the moment. This is where I really tried my hand at editing with audacity.  Again, time-consuming and a somewhat intimidating interface, but doable nonetheless.   In case you missed it…..(pardon my singing voice–haha)

I was able to record my morning wake-up routine and add to the YWP with not too much hassle, although it was rather time-consuming.  I used the recommended app, italk to record, emailed it to myself (I had to make it a little shorter in order to be able to email to myself for free), and then was able to change file into an mp3 using Cloud Convert – super easy and quick.  Next, I uploaded it to the YWP site.  I repeated the process for my commute to work.  The only challenge here was when I tried to record in my car the bluetooth kicked in and was interfering with my recording – I didn’t even think about taking it off bluetooth (duh), so I just cut that part out.  Unfortunately, I honestly forgot to take out my phone when I got to work each day so I was not able to capture any of the fun sounds from my school hallways.  

Next up was to use some sounds to create a little backstory behind someone else’s 3 sounds.  Eeeek!  I hate the sound of my voice.  More audio editing practice here…actually this one, despite it’s short length too the most amount of time this week.  Kinda tricky to get things to overlay…lots of trial and error.  (forgot all my screenshots…ahhh)

Thanks to astrobot314 for her simple, yet powerful sounds.

Next, I was thrilled to be invited on the bus tour to Vermont.  My students were thrilled and it was a great experience.  Almost just as good, Geoffrey Gevalt of YWP created a private area within his site for my students to access.  We’re super excited to get started there!!

Overall, I would say my time this week was spread around and spent thinking and tinkering…oh, and a little DDa and (failed attempts) at code cracking!!  🙂 

I even uncovered some old audio stuff I created a while back….