So it seems as though we had a little jump start in class last week with creating our memes for the week.  I knew right away that I wanted to try La La GIF this week, so I started tinkering early in the week.  I started thinking of how I could relate the order/chaos theme to the school setting (prompted somewhat by Howard Rheingold’s talk about his experience as a child in his mother’s art class and partly by our human graph experience) and I came up with (what I thought to be) an amusing and relevant idea for some contrasting sound gif that explored these ideas of order and chaos in the classroom.

I may be dating myself, but Fast Time at Ridgemont High is one of my all-time fav cult classics.  I was attempting to play off of the idea that Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) ORDERing pizza in school created chaos (or did he?).  I thought this would be a nice contrast to the scene in Dead Poet’s Society when Robin William’s students stand on their desks in protest of their beloved professor being fired.  This act “chaos,” I thought, was actually a great example of the opposite:  ORDER.  In his role, Wiliams broke all the traditional rules of the conservative prep school (hey, kinda like Netnarr) and, as a result, inspired his students to think for themselves.

So, in essence, I was trying to convey the idea that sometimes order means chaos and chaos means (or leads to) order.

Surprisingly, this week’s tech stuff had me frustrated.  I tried lala-gif multiple time but could not get it to create my sound gifs. I think maybe I had to shorten the video to the right length first?  I tried a couple other sites ass well.  No luck.  I did stumble upon a cool article that says to change any youtube video to a gif just type in gif before the word youtube and presto!  I found that hard to believe.  It works!  So, I had to tweet about it!  So cool (but no sound included).  😦

Finally, I found  It’s super easy…put in any video and it’s like magic!  Too, it can let you put together multiple seconds from the same video with ease.  So, my second one is a little longer than a typical gif but, hey, it’s such a great scene!

And, here they are……

Here’s what I think about “ORDER & CHAOS” (in the classroom):

(oh, the music!!!)

Things aren’t always what they seem…..