It’s Tuesday evening.  I’ve just finished watching the latest studio visit in preparation for tomorrow night’s class.  It was such a pleasure to watch.  Lots of note-taking going on and looking things up in another tab.  With my fanfiction juices flowing, I’m tempted to write all about it now and include in my post, but am thinking I will save my lengthy thoughts for next week’s post.  (Digression- The timing of these posts still feels a little “off” for me…this new topic is so fresh in my mind, yet, I haven’t given netprov it’s rightly-owed justice yet  And, I distinctly remember feeling the same way last week after watching the Mark Marino and Rob Wittig studio visit. To remedy this, I am going to make it a point to draft up my notes about fanfiction and have them ready to go earlier in the week-perhaps as a separate post, but after our classroom session- OK feeling better about that…sorry, sometimes I need to talk things out.)

The Week in Review…..


Speaking of the studio visit with Mark and Rob (excuse the informality)….much of the earlier part of my week was spent grappling with two things: 1)understanding the various online activities that could be considered to be “netprov” and 2) trying coming up with an idea that we (as a group) could possibly create (love, love, love, coming up with new ideas/concepts/activities).  Here’s a glimpse at my steam of consciousness on the topics.  At this point, I have a pretty good understanding of the overall concept, however, the “#1wknotech” netprov example had me scratching my head a little.  I mean, I get it, I do, but something struck me as lacking an aspect of netprovishness(??).  First, let me say I love the irony and social commentary aspect at play (it’s hilarious actually), but after looking at some archived examples, it felt more like a fun DDA than an “organized netprov experience” (I dunno, maybe our DDA’s ARE netprov???).  I know that there is this large netprov umbrella, under which many different kinds of activities can fall so maybe I’m just overthinking the definition too much.  I did admire how a simple idea like that could easily attract “outsiders” to jump in on the fun. The reason behind all this thinking stems from the fact that I was trying to come up with a viable option for our class, as Dr. Zamora hinted at near the end of class last week.  To that end, I had to make sure any idea I might throw out there would be accepted by my peers and professors as actually being netprov (Gosh, I exhaust myself).  So did I come up with anything?  Well, let me start by saying that I’m a dreamer.  When I think, I usually think BIG.  I don’t know why but I have a wide-eyed optimistic view of everything all the time.  So, I’m not saying we’re going to change the world with our netprov…but we can try.  If you think back the the movie Pay It Forward, you will know where I’m coming from.  I am Trevor McKinney (and *spoiler alert* I will probably die at the end.  I also see dead people.).

Anyway, we obviously have a good, strong crew so…let’s change the world…..or at least make our netprov go viral.  I like the idea (for experimentation’s sake) of seeing how far our netprov can reach.  Surprisingly, in addition to being a dreamer, I also believe most people are quite gullible.  Let’s prey on that.  Maybe prey’s the wrong word.  I’m remembering back to Mark and Rob’s talk and don’t want to cross the invisible line of what’s OK and what’s going too far when it comes to deceit. No malice intent here….just play!  This is REALLY bare-boned, but I’m imagining some pre-work here and some sort of “real-world” component…maybe setting up a fake website or a social media account to eventually “lead” people to.  But how?….or maybe a better question is, why???  Perhaps the collective “we” can stir up some interest (via social media) in a fictional youtube star or some interesting “organization.”  Can we alter the number of fans he/she has or hits on a website (think odometer rigging)?   Can we get these fake entities gain actual followers?? With hype alone?  Can we make something out of nothing?  Alchemy at it’s finest!!!  Can we get our fake star to appear on Ellen….or, better yet, can we get others to do good for an actual cause?…wait the lines of netprov are becoming blurred again.

Just thoughts in my mind I had to get down so they don’t prod at me……


The Story Arc in Networked Narratives…

That’s quite a big topic to ponder as well…….lots of thoughts about that, but I’ll spare you (and me) a long-winded discussion for now.  Let’s just say, yes, it’s much more complicated than the traditional understanding.  More and more prevalent, however.  And worth exploring.  Loved the Vonnegut video!  Must use with my students one day.  Wonder if they’d appreciate it??  Wonder if our minds aren’t getting rewired more and more each generation to “expect” or think more in terms of a non-linear story.  I’m not really talking about attention span here, but more about “how” a story is received/perceived and/or told.   

Weekly DDA’s

Some of this week’s DDA’s were doozies!  I had a tough time executing a few of them, but I did have some fun with these…


I suddenly became filled with anxiety at the thought of having only seconds to write the prequel to the picture prompt DDA….I decided to skip that one 🙂

Weekly Media Prompts:

Just for fun….(my son helped me with pixlr after having a good laugh at my expense)

And, what you’ve all been waiting for……the big reveal….

Click here for the answer.  A must see!

One last note…..

Had a lot of fun with the story fold activity with thanks to Kevin & friends.  The audio version was fabulous and the multimedia version even better!!…But who’s the author??