Weekly Round-Up

There was no shortage of work to do this week.  That’s the wonderful (and sometimes terrible thing) about this class….and my job, and the US postal system (from what they say), and the laundry:  THERE IS NO END!!!!  For some, this may not present a problem.  For me, it’s a blessing and a curse.  

“Are you finished with your work, Mom?”

“Uhhhh…nooo?  There is no such thing as ‘finished,’ hon.”


“Babe, wanna watch TV?”

“I can’t, I’m still working.”


“Yeah.  There’s no end.  You don’t understand.”

You see my point.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, though.  Thoughts, ideas, they consume me.  I love having little flickers of creativity simmering inside my mind throughout the week.

Speaking of Flickr…..

In case you didn’t catch it, I developed a little stage fright in my quest to complete the remix aspect of the challenge.  So, I remixed my own (semi cop-out) 5 card story.  Both left me with mixed emotions: “Ehh” about the product.  “Wooo” about the process.   

Also enjoyed sharing the flickr experience with my students.

And then there’s the bots…..

I pretty much covered my experience with bots this week on a separate blog.  Interesting stuff, those bots.  Still trying to wrap my head around them…….I think there’s much more to be revealed.  

And all that other stuff…

Still a big fan of the DDA’s!  

DDA 36 was a doozy!

More writing in a writing class? Yikes!!  My prompt conjured up memories of the endless bedtime stories I would tell my son when he was little (and even when he was not so little).  He devoured my stories….would beg for more every time.  And I fed him with these elaborate, silly fantastical stories.  Audience gold!!!  

After I posted the story started, I started reading through some of the flickr posts and noticed the title of Kelli’s amazing story.  

Oh, yeah, I read that earlier in the week.  The awesome title must have somehow seeped into my subconscious.  I wish I could say that I intentionally remixed the idea, but, alas, twas not that crafty (this time). Pops to Kelli for an amazing read (and reads thereafter).  And for the “inspiration.”

Also got my juices flowing with DDA35

Have lots of ideas for DDA’s, too.  Submitted one this week and have ideas for more, more, more.  So much fun, fun, fun.