DDA36 response

Prompt from @MagicRealism:  A lily causes anyone who smells it to believe they are a firefly.

Title and 1st paragraph: (I was in a fairytale kinda mood)

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Lucid Dreams, a fairytale

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a young girl named Lucia who lived with her Auntie Mo in a small cottage in the woods, far beyond the outskirts of town.  Lucia didn’t know it, but she was born with mystical powers.  She had the unusual ability to “see” someone’s soul with a single touch of her hand.  All good and evil living inside the hearts of others would be instantly shown unto her.  He Auntie Mo was the only one who knew of young Lucia’s special talents and wanted desperately to keep her safe from all evil in the world.  Auntie Mo had witnessed, first-hand, the terrible troubles such a gift had bestowed upon Lucia’s mother, and had vowed to her sister, upon her death bed, to take care of her precious little girl at all costs.